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Hosting my first blogger event

May 9, 2018

Event planning is hardwork, but it surely has its rewards.

In this blog post, I am going to share the details on how I successfully threw my first ever blogger event.

First off, ask yourself what is the purpose of your event? Most blogger parties have a purpose. It could be a collaboration to increase awareness to a company’s mission, a launch/relaunch of a blogger’s blog, a collaboration to showcase a company’s new line for the season, or simply a get-together.

Purpose of my event: Bringing Bay Area Bloggers together to mingle and get to know one another. But also, I wanted an event where I could host and see every blogger I met through instagram one last time before leaving San Francisco.

My thoughts: As a new resident to San Francisco in 2014, I didn’t have anyone but my fiance at the time. Instagram has open so many doors for me and brought me many new friendships I thought I could never make as an older adult. I remember attending my first blogger event where I didn’t know anyone but now I feel like I know almost everyone. I want that too for other bloggers.

To meet, to mingle, and to make new everlasting friendships.

Because we wouldn’t be able to survive the social media madness without the support of one another.


The work behind the event:

  • How far in advance did I have to plan for the event?
    • About 1 month in advance.
  • Securing an event space.
    • I emailed some event space companies to see if they would like to collaborate with me for this event, unfortunately I got turned down by the few I pitched to.
    • So I booked the event space via It’s office rooms for rent scattered throughout San Francisco & other locations. The price can range from $40/hr to $150/hr. I was fortunate enough to find a space that was cheap and cute for 30 people via Breather.
    • I booked the event space for 5 hours, where 3 hours are lotted for the actual event. I needed an hour before and after the event for set-up/clean-up.
  • How did I get sponsors for my event?
    • I started emailing my pitch to companies for sponsorships. I sent almost 50 emails out to previous companies I worked with but also new companies.
    • This part was the most time consuming because most of time I’m waiting for a reply or a follow-up response after companies expressed their interests in my event.
    • But I also got a lot of rejections, which is better than a no-reply.
  • What is in my pitch?
    • Event details mostly. The purpose of the event, when & where, and a list of tentative attendees.
    • I provided a spreadsheet with attendees’ name and instagram handles.
    • But most importantly, what will the sponsors get in return. Which I have included a blog post and social media coverage via my instagram @thy.time but also from the bloggers that will be attending.
  • Type of sponsors:
    • Food and drinks for sure! What’s a party without food and drinks???
    • Gift bag sponsors. A blogger event usually includes a swag bag at the end but not necessary.
  • I got some sponsors, now what?
    • Phew, the hardpart (emails) is over & now the fun part begins.
    • Waiting to receive the product and putting everything together like I had imagined it.
    • Prior to the event, I took product pictures for the sponsors because I knew I would be too busy to take them during the event.
    • And lastly, stuffing the goodie bags. (This was my favorite part.)

Event day:

  • Seeing my vision come together on the day of the event was the greatest satisfaction. I worked so hard for the last month preparing & it was finally time to see it come to life.
  • TIP: Get some helpers! I asked some friends/attendees to come early and help me set-up.
  • Since this was a small blogger event, I don’t really have the financial means to hire a full staff for serving and setting up like bigger company events. So I seriously couldn’t have done it without the people that came out and help me that day! THANK YOU GUYS!!!
  • I made sure I documented the event for the blog but also made sure to have fun as well!

And that’s it! So let’s get this party started. 

AND yasssss…since it was Cinco de Mayo, Christine from @trendenvy brought tequila. 🙌🏼 So why not take shots? lol. (doesn’t happen often or at all at these type of events) 🙈

Besides the chit chat, food, and drinks at blogger events, we take tons of pictures and boomerangs.

It’s simply a must.

And oh, I gave a speech sometime during the event and cried.

All of these girls that I’ve met along the way have made such an impact in my life in some type of way. I am so grateful to have gotten to known each and every one of them!

I wish all of you girls the best!

Come visit me! XOXO – Thy

The event turned out better than I expected. I couldn’t have done it without the help of everyone and especially my sponsors for making it happen.

So shoutout to my sponsors for making my Bay Area Blogger Bash memorable.

Food Sponsor:

HNL San Mateo

I was so happy when HNL agreed to participate in my event. Not only was the food was delicious, but their party trays were well presented. All the bloggers lovedddd it!

HNL San Mateo
Poke Bombs & Mango Chicken Spring Rolls
Beef Bulgogi Quesadilla
Spam Musubi

Drink Sponsors

I was very fortunate to have collaborated with a Wine & Spirits PR agency in the past, Colangelo & Partners. So when I reached out to them for my event, I immediately had a response and they were so generous to gift me 12 bottles for my event.

Les Dauphins Wine

Anna de Codorníu

Artesa Winery

Health-ade Kombucha

I recently met a PR for Health-ade at a wholefoods events and she was happily to support my Blogger Bash. So thank you Health-ade. Definitely adding these to all my future events. It’s perfect for a margarita cocktail vs the usual over sugary margarita mix.

Dessert Sponsor:

Ketsourine Macarons

If you live in the Bay Area, you’re probably familiar with Ketsourine Macarons. Not only is Ketsourine’s macarons yummy & cute, her store is instagram worthy as well! So if you’re in San Francisco, definitely stop by Ketsourine’s.

Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures of the macarons itself during my party. But you can take a look at her amazing work here —>Ketsourine <— via instagram.

Gift Bag Goodie Sponsors:

Benefit Cosmetics

Like OMG, I was super excited and jumped for joy when Benefit cosmetics said yes to me in supporting my Blogger Bash. It shows that big known brands are also willing to work with small time bloggers like me.

So don’t hesitate in asking to collaborate with big brands, you never know what they might say!


I met the founder of Glowing PR Agency , Kiok, via instagram and she was so excited to help me get Skinesque as my sponsor for my event. Not only am I skincare obsessed, I am a korean beauty and skincare fanatic. So I was super thrilled to have Skinesque on board for my blogger event.

100% Pure Beauty

I first met the founder of 100% Pure Beauty at her garden party in Atherton, CA. Susie is just the sweetest! She spread awareness of the potential harmful chemicals in beauty products.

100% Pure is 100% organic and vegan!

Beauty by POPSUGAR

POPSUGAR recently launched their beauty line “Beauty by POPSUGAR” & I was happy to have them part of my goodie bag to spread their new beauty line to other local Bay Area Bloggers.

Sugarfix by BaubleBar

If you know me, I’m a sucker for statement earrings. I’ve been working with Bauble Bar on their Target brand, Sugarfix, for the last couple of months. Needless to say, Sugarfix provides super cute styles at affordable prices!

Sunglass LA

Sunglass LA carry so many trending styles worn by your favorite big bloggers but Sunglass is 1/4 of the price. When it comes to sunglasses, I tend to lose them alot so I’m not a big spender on sunglasses so I always opt for cute and affordable sunglasses.

Appearance Care Center

And lastly, I recently did a collaboration with Appearance care center in SF. They were so kind to offer 15% off all services at their clinic for my bloggers attending the event.


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  1. This was such a fun and beautiful event! Love all the useful tips you provided – throwing an event sure is hard work but so rewarding! 😌 I’m going to miss you so much! xo Diana

  2. Awww, I love it when you include boomerangs in your blog posts!!! It makes your posts come to life and I can see the true emotions during your event :’) Loved attending your party and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world! Also, I pretty much wiped out your entire party menu LOL I loved the food!!! <3

    Keep doing you Thy, and I really hope you continue to blog and Instagram while you make the big move to Texas! Love you and I'll always cherish the times that we've shot and ate together 🙂

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