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  1. I LOVE THIS!!!! I was also in a similar boat. I got soo greedy with numbers that I gave into doing a mass amount of giveaways and did not want to stop. It felt like the only way and till this day I am still trying to rebuild myself from it all. Keep up the authenticity babe, we will be here for awhile 😉

    1. Thanks huyen! im so proud of you from starting over (: your engagement has been so good lately! and im really loving your new feed. wish we lived near each other so we can shoot for each other <3

  2. Couldn’t agree more thy! So relatable and happy that bloggers like you speak out about it!! Thanks for constantly inspiring me!!! 2018 will be filled with happiness for sure 🙂

  3. I really enjoyed reading this post thy!! I felt the same way! What helps me is remembering at the end of the day we’re already so lucky to get to post about what we love and have people listen! Keep on posting your amazing content!! You’re of my faves!!


  4. Thank you for sharing! I felt the exact same way and it’s extremely discouraging. I’ve been apart of so many pods, but I feel like they still don’t help. Doing giveaways are helpful, but they are expensive. We just need to constantly remind ourselves to post content we like as well as making sure we are having fun! Growing takes time, but we will all eventually get there! 🙂

    1. thanks for always being my support person michelle <3 love you! and all your hard work will soon pay off as well! keep it up!

  5. This was one of the most realest posts I’ve read in a while. You literally spoke all the truths about how IG and becoming obsessed with numbers can end up destroying the very thing you love. This post really resonated with me and I’m happy to see you not only be so open about it, but to vow to stay true to yourself in 2018 🙂 love you!

    Diana |

    1. thanks diana! love you!!! The one thing that I’m so happy i got out of instagram was meeting you! through these changes of IG algorithm, im so glad we still support each other (:

  6. So interesting to read Thy. I’ve loved connecting with you through Instagram. I know it has gotten me down over the past year too. I can’t control how the posts are shown and it drives me crazy, but I feel better when I just get on with it and share what I love without adding pressure by comparing my old engagement or the engagement that another account may get. You always come across as happy on Insta if that helps.
    xx Jenelle

    1. Well said Jenelle! my thoughts exactly. I can’t control the situation but better to adapt with it. Thanks for read love <3 and keep up the great work! I absolutely love your work. (:

  7. Hi Thy, I am one of your ‘quiet’ followers but I just would like you know. I know exactly how you feel. I went through all these stages and thought a lot to stop but when I am make a styling or looking to set up a cute flatlay and it works out for me i feel so good and that is the reason i still do it. Thank you for these honest words❤

    1. Hi Ellen! thanks so much for reading. I’m glad so many people feel the same as I do & I’m glad we have such a supportive community on IG. Keep up the great work Ellen & never give up on your passion! <3

  8. Like many others, I really resonated with this post. Comment pods drain the life out of me as well. It is so easy to get caught up in the social media madness. Thank you for sharing this! One thing I’ve been trying to do is to stop stressing about whether a photo I love matches my feed or not and to just post it if I love it.

  9. Loved loved loved reading this raw and honest blog post, Thy! <3 I know so many people who wouldn't be as courageous enough to share the true reality behind being a typical influencer/Instagrammer, so I commend you for your bravery 🙂 You told your story so well and so many people respect you for speaking the truth, including me! I'll always be here supporting you!

  10. Yes, social media should not be about how many followers or likes you get. To me, that is very despressing. It should be for sharing things that YOU find interesting and love. If people like it, cool! If they don’t, that’s okay because your account shouldn’t be to impress others. It should be for your own enjoyment. You are THE most important ‘like’ of your own posts. I don’t ever want you to lose yourself over anything because I love you just the way you always have been BFF!

  11. Hi honey

    When i read your story i recognized myself in it. I started my page as a hobby too and it took bit by bit my life till I noticed when i was in pods that I like and commented everyones pictures and i only share 3 times a week and when i didn´t like and comment for 2 days because I was so busy with my school no one liked or commented on my post when I shared. It was really unfair and I tested it out so after it was still unfair i told in the groups that they were selfish and only think about there own pictures. Some pages and me are only sharing 2 or 3 times a week and some of them are sharing 8 times a day well hello they expect to like and comment every single picture of them but if you are busy and you couldn´t they wont even returning back. So I wrote to them very harshly and left all the groups. Now I´m very reliefed and as a senior I´m more concentrated on my studies to graduate this year and go to university to become a doctor. I gave my Instagram page to my mom and when I have the time I´m on it to engage with my followers. Sometimes I post a pic sometimes my mom does it for me. She likes it and tries to get the best out of it without stressing or anything. About the new algorithm it sucks but we will get use to it and it`s really not the end of the world (well for some maniacs it is) but what i have learned is my future is my diploma and not instagram. Im so glad that I was in those groups otherwise I would probably still stressing now.

    Best regards Abby

    1. thanks so much for reading Abby! We all tend to lose sight when it comes to social media nowadays. it’s just nice to take a breather and realize that it’s not end of the world and there are far more important things out there. (: good luck on your studies! you’re be a great doctor <3

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