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Weddington Way in-store Shopping Experience

January 8, 2018

Friends Don’t Let Friends Wear Ugly Bridesmaid Dresses.

The wedding planning continues…

In search of the perfect bridesmaid dresses, I visited a local Weddington Way shop in San Francisco located in the Banana Republic on Grant Ave.

Before I went in for my in-store appointment, I went on to browse through all of the styles that I thought would be perfect for my wedding. They have a TON of styles in different colors, lengths, and fabrications. Their designs range from very classic silhouettes to trendy styles with sleeves and fun pearl details.

I created an account on Weddington Way and added some dress styles I liked to what they call a Showroom. It’s like a Pinterest board where you can “favorite” your most-liked styles and even share them with your bridesmaids so they can weigh in.

Once you arrive at your appointment, your stylist can pull up your showroom so all the dresses are waiting for you to try on. This is what I loved most about Weddington Way, they coupled their virtual experience with a really cool, personalized in-person element.

Here’s what the showroom looks like:


Now moving on to the day of the appointment… 

As soon as I walked into Banana Republic, I was completely in awe by the interior. 😍

I headed downstairs to Weddingtonway & of course the space just got cuter. Everything was just so aesthetically pleasing. 😌

Before I came in for my appointment, I already knew my wedding colors (blush, rose, and champagne). However, I still wanted to see all of the colors in person because the fabric colors can slightly vary from just looking at it online. So, I headed over to the swatch table available in-store.

Tip: You can take as many swatches as you like and even order free ones from their website!

From there I was greeted by my stylist, Charles. My stylist was seriously amazing. I never had so much fun shopping. He gave me and my bridesmaids tips on how to walk & not trip while wearing floor gowns. “Slightly kick the dress forward, and then walk.”

Some fitting room fun…

Charles showing us how to strut our stuff. 💁🏻 lol

And OMG you wouldn’t believe it! These dresses have pockets! 😱 This is a huge plus for me and the bridesmaids.

I loved all the thoughtful details that Weddinton Way adds to their gowns to ensure my girls feel comfortable in their dresses on my wedding day.

Don’t they just look so BEAUTIFUL? 😍

Thank you to these ladies for taking the time to come out! ❤️

And Weddingtonway also sells robes! They are so cute too! I can’t wait to get ready in these on the morning of my wedding.

By the end of my appointment, my stylist helped me find my perfect bridal party lineup. We ordered the girls’ dresses right there and they’ll ship out in just a few weeks!

The entire process was so easy and fun! I would absolutely recommend Weddingtonway to another bride planning her wedding or bridesmaid looking for a dress for an upcoming wedding.

Now I have checked off one more thing from my wedding planner. HOORAY! 😊

Thank you so much Weddington Way! These dresses were everything I envisioned for my wedding.

All dress & robes from Weddingtonway

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  1. Okay, I am in LOVEEEE with the robes!!! Y’all look so gorgeous in the dresses and robes! <3 This looked like such a fun day and I'm all for visiting Weddingtonway when I get married…one day, BAHAHA! 😉

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