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Balancing Nursing & Blogging

October 24, 2017

Full-time RN, part-time blogger.

A lot of you guys ask me, how do I balance my full-time nursing job and blogging?

Easy! If you truly enjoy doing something, you will find the time to do it

But really, if you guys didn’t know… bedside nurses work 3-4 times a week, depending on the hours. I use to work 12 hours/day (3 times a week). But now I work 8hrs/day (4-5 days a week) depending on my schedule.

Although it seems like I have the rest of the week off to enjoy my days, I tend not to cluster my days together because it takes a huge toll on my body where I can get burnt out from work. On top of all that, I work the grave yard shift. (2300-0730). So my biological clock is all over the place!

Here is what my typical schedule for the month looks like:

My daily routine goes like this when I have work scheduled:

  • 2100: Waking up from sleeping all day (1330-2100). Eat breakfast/drink coffee & get ready for work.
  • 2215-2230: Drive to work.
  • 2300-0730: Work Shift.
    0830-1030: Get home, go to the gym on MWF.
  • 1100-1330: Eat dinner. Watch TV. Post on IG/engage on IG for the day. Wind down and go to sleep by 1330.

I repeat this schedule if I work consecutively. Doesn’t sound much of a life right? Well, this is what normal people do. Work, eat, sleep, & repeat.

On days that I am scheduled to work,  I never go out to shoot or go to social media events. I just dedicate my day to sleeping – in prep for my night shift.

So when does the instagram/blogging takes place? On my days off of course. These would be the days where I would schedule shoots, social media events, and create content for upcoming deadlines. There would be days where I have little to no sleep especially if it’s my first day off from work coming from a nightshift. Since I work the night shift, I like to seize the day and go out to enjoy the sunshine. So I would stay up from my nightshift all the way until 1800 or until I crash. 😬 This might sound intense, but I only have a few days off in between work days, so I like to go out & make the most of it!

Welcome to my life! Not all fun and glamour behind the scenes, but I enjoy it. I call it my side hustle. 😅 Hope this gives you guys a glimpse of my life & how it can help you juggle/make time for your hobbies & interests. This has become my lifestyle & I hope you will be able to find a balance for your passion too!

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  1. Man that is incredible! I could not do it, but I couldn’t be a nurse. They amaze me, it’s such a long and tough job. Long hours on your feet I mean. A lot of my friends are nurses and they have always blown me away with what they do. But none of them blog too. You would have to be so organised and able to switch off while you are working.
    xx Jenelle

  2. You’re a super blogger!!!!! You’re seriously so inspiring and hard working!! You’re so good about scheduling blogging work + personal life + events!!!


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