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Miami: eat, drink, party, repeat

June 3, 2017

Thy the tank is back!

[Caution: *this blog post contains no helpful tips in touring Miami, but maybe it’ll help you to prepare your liver for all the drinking & partying you’ll do*]

Ever since I moved to San Francisco, I rarely get to see my girlfriends from college anymore. Instead of the usual visiting them in Houston, this year we decided to have a change of scenery. A girls to trip to Miami, Florida. Absolutely NO boys what-so-ever (no husband, no fiance, no boyfriends, & no male friends). Just us girls having the time of our life in a new city. Why did we pick Miami? To party of course! And boy, did we go HAM everyday. We would wake up every morning and say “let’s have a chill day…” then we would end up going harder than the previous day. LOL. If you followed along on our snaps, then you have witnessed our craziness. 😏

We were in Miami from May 25th-29th.

We all arrived in Miami around 5-6pm on our first day there. By the time we got to our hotel, Washington Park, it was already 7ish.  It was too late to hit the beach so we decided to get dress and grab dinner. After dinner, we yelped this place called the foxhole bar lounge and headed there. Boy, did we have a hard time finding the place. It was hidden in a dark alley. We just saw people coming and going out this door and decided to walk in. And what do you know, we found the Foxhole. This sign was there to greet us as we walked in:

So we stayed at the Foxhole for a few hours and to just “chill.”

After the foxhole, we headed back to our hotel to change into something more appropriate for the club. Kristine got us VIP service at ORA, so we definitely needed to dress to impress. Of course we took our sweet time.

And this is why girls take FOREVER getting ready… we do more than get ready. haha 🤣

and we finally made it to ORA!!!

Day ✌🏻 in Miami

Day two was more of a relaxing day at the beach for the most part. We took cute pictures, swam in the water, and chit chat on the sand. We stayed there til late afternoon.

After the beach, we went back to the hotel, got ready, and went to dinner.

Of course we finished dinner super early at 8PM. So we had time to kill before the club. So what did we do? Got comfortable and pre-gamed for 3 hours! lol

But we drank a bit too much. 😆  So a pre-turn up nap was much needed.

We decided to hit up club Ivy. But it was lame so we left early and went back to ORA since we had such a great time the day before. (We went to ORA three times this trip. lol)

What more can I write about? We did the same thing everyday.

Wake up, make up, eat, drink, beach, party…

but then again what else is there to do while you’re in Miami?

We partied til we had to catch our 6AM flight monday morning. 😅

#teamNOsleep #smegzinthecity #weallsingle

I’m also missing a whole day worth of pictures somewhere in here because we were all too RACHET.  😬


XOXO Miami, until next time! ✌🏻





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  1. LOL omg I loved the ratchet videos at the end of your blog post :p Never saw this side of Thy in person yet, hehe. This Miami trip looked so fun – you can definitely go all out when the boys aren’t around! 😉

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