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Body Confidence

May 23, 2017

Rock that body.

Love the skin you’re in. Love your body. Love yourself.

For the longest time I envied women with amazing curves and always wanted to be like them. Hence, I would go on diets and workout to achieve what people call “body goals.” No matter what I did, I couldn’t change my body shape. I was curse with my chubby cheeks, flat chest, short torso, thunder thighs, big calves, the lack of any kind of an hour glass figure, etc… I was a bit self-conscious so I would avoid clothes that I thought would not flatter me, such as bodycon dresses. But soon came to realize…

Everyone is different and unique in their own way.

Every[body] has a different [body] shape. No 2 person is the same, not even identical twins I would say. With that being said, you just gotta work with what you got and rock the body you’re in.

From once avoiding bodycons to now rocking them. Here I am wearing a denim bodycon dress from Clayton.

All in all, wear what you want & remember to strut it with confidence! 😉

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  1. Awww I think we all have parts of our body we wish could be better, but no one is perfect! It’s okay, being petite keeps us looking 20 when we’re in our 40s 😁!

  2. Very happy you are confident in your body! I guess we are our own harshest critic because I have always envied YOU all through college. To me, you were always the more fashionable and toned one of us two. You can pull off any look. You have always been and still are my inspiration for fashion, makeup, and life in general. Man, I am diggin these posts! You are so wise and funny.

    1. AWWW SHUCKS BF! that means alot! And I’ve always been jealous of your tone legs! & I never ever thought you were fat! But I’m glad you’re happy with where you are right now! As long you’re happy, I’m happy!

  3. You are body goals bc you’re healthy and take care of your body!!!! This denim dress is sooooo you!


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