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New Friendships

May 19, 2017

Making new friends ain’t easy.

As you get older, you soon to realize making new friends isn’t easy. And if that’s not you, good for you! To tell you the truth, I am socially awkward & I fear social gatherings. Funny right? As a fashion blogger / social media influencer, I shouldn’t be afraid of such things. But I am! I am quite an introvert person. I guess I’m too afraid of what people would think of me in person. So in result, I keep to myself.

All that has changed since I moved to San Francisco. Three years ago, with being a stranger to a new city, I had no one but me and fiance. I was quite bored and lonely on days when my fiance was at work, and I would be at home – binge watching netflix or hitting the mall. My boredom has led me to building my fashion account on instagram and starting my blogging hobby. And let me tell you, I hate writing. lol. This blogging hobby has pushed me get out my comfort zone and to just go out there and do it! From writing more to meeting new strangers over social media.

As my fashion instablogging grew, I got to connect with so many people on instagram. Meeting new people through instagram is still nerve wrecking til this day for me. But I can definitely say I have built the courage to just go out there and meet many more. Yes, I may still be socially awkward and still unable to hold conversations but I am trying! So please, bear with me. And to those who I have already met in person & still keep in touch with on the daily, thanks for sticking around! Maybe now you know why I love brunches so much! Nothing like bottomless mimosas and liquid courage to get you more chatty. lol <3

XOXO – Thy

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  1. Awww this blog is way too cute! I don’t think you are socially awkward at all! In fact, you actually approached me at an event and that takes courage! I feel like I am so much more socially awkward and weird, but I don’t let what people say about me bother me 😅 It was truly a blessing getting to know you through Instagram & I hope we can connect in person soon! <3

    1. This is such a lovely post! I definitely feel the same way, since I moved to Toledo I haven’t met friends like who I have at home or through IG. Blogging has definitely opened my eyes and learned to associate with like-minds and companies!

      1. Awww yes I feel the same! so glad to have all you girls! I’ve been blessed to be a part of the coolest girl gang on IG. (; can’t wait til we all meet up again!

    2. You are definitely not socially awkward! you’re definitely one of my favorite bay area girls to hang out with <3 so glad i met you in my life! and all the girls from our chicago trip!

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