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March 18, 2017

Hello Lash Addict!

I had the chance to come in to Noir Lash for a full set eyelash extension experience. I’ve had eyelash extension once before at a different location, but my experience then was not so pleasant. So I decided I didn’t want eyelash extension again after that. But since I was going on vacation soon, I thought I’d give this eyelash extension another try.

As I entered Noir Lash, I was greeted with a warm welcome from the lovely ladies of Noir Lash.
The place was clean and the interior set up was beautiful.
Before we got started, my lash technician discussed the length and volume options of the lashes. I showed her a picture of how I usually wear my falsies, and she knew exactly what I liked (short towards the inner corners and flare out). She grabbed a few pieces and let me try on different lengths until it was to my liking.
Finally after figuring out the volume and length, I finally laid down and there the hard part begins. Glueing on the eyelash extensions usually takes about 1.5-2hrs. But my lash technician was so gentle on my eyes that I fell asleep right through the process and woke up with pretty eyelashes.
Compared to my previous eyelash extension experience, Noir Lash made it easy, painless, and comfortable.
BEFORE: my lashes are short, straight, and sparse. (pictures are unedited)
 Now that I have pretty eyelashes, the maintenance does not stop there! After the process, I was not allowed to get water around my eyes or on the lashes for about 24hours so the bond/glue can settle.
Then daily maintenance consist of:
  • Staying away from oil products at all times because this can break down the bond.
  • When washing your face, careful not to rub, pull, or snug the lashes with makeup wipes or towels or even your fingers.
  • Absolutely no waterproof eye make-up.

All these help to maintain the beauty and fullness of the extensions.


1 week after my eyelash extensions and they still look amazing! I may have lost a few lashes, but that’s the natural part of hair shedding. And these lashes survived my windy trip in Chicago; the winds were as high as 25mph. >.< lol

Are eyelash extensions worth it?

  • It can be quite pricey. But if you’re the type of girl who wants to wake up with pretty lashes and don’t want to waste time doing make up. I say yes! Totally worth. Because we all know time = money.

Would I keep up with my eyelash extensions?

  • Unfortunately for me, I have really bad seasonal allergies and it causes me to rub my eyes pretty frequently. I think I would love to get them occasionally for vacations but I don’t think I can maintain them year long.


Hope this helps if you’re considering eyelash extensions!

XOXO – Thy

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  1. Your lashes are beautiful! And I love the whole waking up without putting makeup on idea! But I agree that they can be pricey! I def need to consider them for my punta cana trip tho!

    1. Yes!!! Definitely get them for your tropical vacation trips! Don’t have to worry about make up! And your photo ready when hitting the pool or beach! (:

  2. Awww, loved reading this blog post Thy! <3 You are so pretty hehehe! 🙂 Dang girl, your eyelash extensions looked perfect even after Chicago!!! I couldn't even keep my falsies on my eyes with that wind, LOL! Noir Lash sounds like a place I have to check out when I'm back in the Bay Area! Hopefully, I can see drop by home and see you anywhere between April – June 🙂

    – Michelle Sun

  3. They look so nice on you! I always want to try them but with monolids, I feel like they will just be dragged down after awhile, and won’t look as lifted as yours. It’s so pretty though. You have such pretty eyes.😍 Thanks for sharing your experience! -Jillian

  4. Noir Lash Lounge uses in-house products, provides their team with intensive in-house training and abides by strict application techniques that will foster and maintain the growth of healthy lashes.

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