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T3 Micro Impression

January 23, 2017

Just look at these beauties! Not only are they pretty, but they are also powerful. I have gone through so many hair straighteners and curling irons that I would have to say these are my definite favorite.

My first impression:

Unlike other tools, these literally heat up in like seconds! The T3 Micro tools also distributes the heat evenly throughout, giving beautiful curls or straight hair in one try. Although these were gifted to me, I really do love them. The different barrels shown above are interchangeable. These easily attach and lock into place. I’ve had other interchangeable barrels before, and some of them are quite difficult to lock into place – which really becomes a safety issue.

I purchased my first T3 product (hair dryer) 2 years ago, and it was the best investment! A good quality product makes the world of a difference. Would you believe me if I said, my hair feels softer/healthier when I blow dry compared to air dry? It really does!

I would go back home to visit my parents from time to time and use my mom’s blow dryer. So let me tell ya, not all blow dryers are made the same. My hair felt dry and rough after using my mom’s dryer and I was dying to return back to my place to use my T3 blow dryer.

So all in all, T3 really does make great tools and I would totally recommend!

Check out my instagram for more pictures and hair videos using these T3Micro Hair tools!

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