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To My Love

October 13, 2016


Sharing 9 reasons why I love you, Hassaan Markhiani, because it is our 9 years anniversary!

  1. Your Big Butt: You got a big butt and you’re my big butt! 🍑
  2. Your Brains: Although I don’t understand computer science, your smartness turns me on and is definitely a plus.
  3. Your Smile: Something about that big cheesy smile of yours that just lets me know you’re the one.😁
  4. Your Sense of Humor: Your lame jokes somehow always gets me to laugh.
  5. Your: Patience: You put up with my hangry-ness on the daily and never get mad easily. You always let me have my way.
  6. Your Devotion: You always make me your #1 priority except when it comes to basketball. lol jk! 😜
  7. Your Kindness: You’re always giving and never expect anything in return.
  8. Your Commitment: You tell me you love me everyday. And putting a ring on it surely does seal the deal. 😉
  9.  Your Unconditional Love: From all the sloppy drools while brushing my teeth and me being able to comfortably let it rip next to you.

Thanks for staying by my side for all those years.

I LOVE YOU, Hassaan Markhiani, forever and ever since 10.13.07.❤


Now enjoy some pictures taken by the babe. Because he learned to be my IG hubby for me. hehe



[Outfit Details]

Dress: Forever21

Shoes: Public Desire

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  1. LET IT RIP HAHAHAH you’re so funny :p So glad I got to meet him in person finally! After reading those 9 reasons, he’s surely a keeper 😉 Plus he takes some good ass photos!!!! Love these shots of you 🙂

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