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July 7, 2016

If you couldn’t tell already, my current obsession is flowy sleeves on my tops, dresses, and rompers for the summer.


Check out my Instagram and count how many flowy sleeves things you can find! haha silly

I used to live in Texas and it would be TOO HOT for sleeves in the summer. I would be in a puddle of sweat if I wore any sleeves at all in the Texas heat.

I was like who would design long sleeves with short rompers and dresses? That’s crazy! But now that I live in the Bay. I understand. Temperatures around the Bay/San Francisco stay pretty consistent over the year. AND I just can’t get enough of flowy sleeves. To me, I feel the flowy sleeves add a touch of softness, elegant, and a more grown-up feel to my look. And now that I am older in my mid 20s, I really do need to dress more my age. If you know what I mean? excited



Also, lace-up shoes are so in right now! So if you’re planning to get yourself a pair, remember to look for shoes with zippers! Lace-up can be super cute but boy are they a pain to put on! So when it comes to buying a new pair of shoes, I always look for zippers or make sure the shoes will be easy to slip on and off. feeling-loved


Have yourself a great summer and if you see flowy things…send them my way!

[Outfit Details] Hat & Romper: Forever21 | Lace-up Sandals: AmiClubWear

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