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Behind the Camera

June 26, 2016

Blogging isn’t easy. Even though I only do this as a hobby, it still takes time and dedication. It’s even harder when you don’t have a personal photographer to take your pictures. I have my fiance, but let’s face it…some people are just terrible at taking pictures. lol sorry babe! excited For all the bloggers out there, there’s still hope! Don’t give up just yet! I’ve provided some solutions! laughing

#1 – Make your best friend take it! And if they’re into blogging like you, good for you! If not…

#2 – Make some blogger friends! Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and meet new people. I’ve met so many bloggers over Instagram, and it’s great! These people will also be your biggest supporters. Big thanks and shoutout to @MissMissChelle! She is always down to get together to shoot.

#3 – Buy a tripod! With my crazy schedule, it’s kinda hard to coordinate with friends to do things, so I just go out in public with my tripod and take selfies. Just me, myself, & I! hahahappy And if you’re wondering if I’m ever embarrassed in public with my tripod, yes all the time. But I tell myself that I enjoy what I do, so people’s opinions do not matter to me. You do you!

You can use any camera with a self-timer.

When I’m on vacation, I like to bring my CanonG7x. You can use the self-timer mode or the phone app to use it like a remote.

Most of time, I use my Canon T3i with a standard lens & my handy dandy clicker.


Here is an unedited version of my photo.


Make the world your playground! cool

The hardest part of taking your own photos is not knowing how you look. The Canon T3i is great because it has a flip screen where I can visualize how I want the picture. Hiding the clicker in hand can also be quite tricky. For each picture, see if you can spot my clicker. silly

Work the front of the camera!


Work the floor!


Work the wall!


Sit on some steps!


And work the steps!


Hope you guys enjoyed this post! (:

[Outfit Details] Denim Jacket: Forever21 | Dress: Target | Shoes: Charlotte Russe | Sunglasses: NoWeekends

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  1. Oh my god, you are literally the definition of perfection!!! I wish I had the confidence/talent/patience to take pictures of myself with a tripod, but I don’t LOL!!! I need that human interaction, HAHA. Cute pictures boo!!!

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